The Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean issued a new decree n° 90/2021 regulating the end of the ban on stopping or anchoring ships flying an extra-Schengen flag, starting from May 12th.

With the entry into force of the new decree, the regulations stated in the article 4 of decree n° 238/2020 of November 30th, 2020 have been abolished and replaced as stated below.

End of anchorage restrictions for extra-Schengen flags in French waters – Decree 90/2021

“Any ship flying a foreign flag is authorized to exercise the right of harmless passage to cross the French territorial sea continuously and rapidly or to reach the high seas.

It is also authorized to reach:

  • its port of origin when it is along the French Mediterranean coast
  • a shipyard subject to having a repair contract with it

While waiting to enter the port or shipyard, the vessel is allowed to stop or anchor along the French coasts of the Mediterranean, after having informed the local maritime authority (semaphore) – commonly by VHF on channel 16 – or having obtained the anchorage authorization according to the provisions of decree n° 155/2016 of June 24th, 2016 “

For more information we invite you to check the full decree n° 155/2016 at the following link.

Decree 238/2020 still remains in force for what concerns the rules about the organization of nautical events, crew relief, bunkering at sea and the navigation of cruise ships and non-scheduled passenger ships.

You can find the full decree n° 90/2021 from the Préfecture Maritime de Méditerranée at the following link.

Should you need any further information don’t hesitate to ask. We remain always at your disposal!

* Please consider that the above article refers to the latest regulations dated May 12th, 2021. We invite you to double check the website of the Actualité Maritime before your departure as rules are constantly changing.