The Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean has definitively abolished the restrictions on stopping and anchoring ships flying extra-Schengen and foreign flags in French Mediterranean waters.

With the entry into force of the new Decree, the regulations stated in the article 4 of Decree n° 238/2020 of November 30th, 2020 have been abolished. The elements that were recently modified by Decree n° 90/2021, regarding the stopping or anchoring only to the waiting of an entry in a port or in a shipyard, are thus also deleted and replaced as stated below.

End of anchorage restrictions in French waters – Decree n° 94/2021

Article 1

The restrictions stated in the article 4 of the Prefectoral Decree n° 238/2020 of November 30th, 2020 have been abolished.

Article 2

Infringements of this order shall expose their authors to the proceedings and penalties provided for by Articles 131-13 and R. 610-5 of the Penal Code, by Articles L. 5242-2 and L. 5243-6 of the Transport Code and by Articles 6 and 7 of Decree N° 2007-1167 of 2 August 2007 referred to above.

Article 3

The departmental directors of the territories and sea of the Mediterranean, as well as the police officers and agents authorised in matters of navigation, are responsible for the execution of the present Decree, published in the collection of administrative acts of the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean.

Therefore, thanks to the new Decree n° 94/2021, the stopping or anchoring of vessels (regardless of the flag) is now authorized.

You can find the full Decree n° 94/2021 from the Préfecture Maritime de Méditerranée at the following link.

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* Please consider that the above article refers to the latest regulations dated May 17th, 2021. We invite you to double check the website of the Mediterranean Maritime Prefecture before your departure as rules are constantly changing.