Unveiling the must-see wonders of Montenegro & Croatia


Croatia is an increasingly popular tourist destination in Europe, attracting millions of visitors annually. Renowned for its stunning landscapes, delightful cuisine, pristine beaches and rich cultural heritage, Croatia is certainly one of the Mediterranean gems you can not miss during your next summer cruise. Which are the main hotspots worth a visit? Join us on a journey through the wonders of Croatia as we unveil its hidden treasures and places:


Nestled along the southern Croatian coastline, Dubrovnik is one of the most exquisite Mediterranean cities. Its towering stone walls and the enchanting allure of its ancient core have drawn artists, scholars, and wanderers for centuries. At the heart of this city lies Luza Square, a bustling hub from which the renowned Stradun stretches westward. Nearby landmarks include the majestic Sponza Palace and the venerable Orlando’s Column, dating back to the 15th century. Adorning the southern edge of the square stands the revered Church of St. Blaise, protector of the city, alongside the stately City Hall, National Theatre, Rector’s Palace, Bishop’s Palace, and the resplendent Baroque Cathedral, which graces the western expanse of M. Drzic Square.


Hvar is the oldest settlement on the island, located at the eastern end of a large bay. Despite its modest size, this town possesses a mystical allure that surpasses its mere architectural splendor. Discover the Fortica Hydroarcheological Collection, boasting some of Croatia’s finest ancient amphorae, and the Hanibal Lucic Benedictine Art Collection, a treasure trove of paintings, icons, and daily relics from the convent treasury.


Nestled within the winding inlet of the Krka River, near the renowned waterfalls and embraced by dense woods, you’ll find the charming town of Skradin. Abounding in ancient buildings and cultural landmarks, it beckons visitors to delve into the storied past of Croatia’s oldest established town (360 B.C.). Skradin’s inviting ambiance, picturesque beach and diverse surroundings have made it a beloved stopover for transient boaters. At the end of the day, visitors can relish in the sublime gastronomic delights of seafood delicacies and fine local wines against the backdrop of a stunning sunset.


Mljet is one of Croatia’s verdant islands. where, according to legend, Odysseus stayed for as long as 7 years, perhaps fascinated more by the beauty of the place than by Calypso. Mljet was declared National Park on November 1960 and it represents the first attempt at protecting the original ecosystem in the Adriatic. A must see of the island is Odysseus’ cave. Situated under the village of Babino Polje – it is a large egg-shaped cave accessed by a 30-meter tunnel used as a harbor by local fishermen. There are two entrances to the cave, the other one is from the hill. Trough the time it is believed that Odysseus found his shelter here after surviving a shipwreck, that’s where the cave’s name comes from.


Montenegro is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. Often overshadowed by its more prominent European counterparts, this small nation is a treasure trove of breathtaking landscapes, centuries-old traditions and captivating stories. Keep reading to discover the wonders of Montenegro as we unveil its hidden treasures and places.


Tivat is one of the youngest and most modern cities in the Boka region. Despite this, it represents one the most vibrant and dynamic tourism scenes in the country of Montenegro. In the last decade, Tivat has become a trending destination, thanks to Porto Montenegro Superyacht Marina and luxury village. High-end shopping places and a mix of dining venues just meters away from a berthing spot – makes Tivat a perfect recipe for a yachting paradise! Not to be missed, the Church of Our Lady of the Angels – located within a fortified complex on the cape of the southern shore of the Veriga strait from where you can enjoy impressive views of Perast and the Boka coast.


Situated west of the Tivat peninsula, St. Mark Island beckons with its aura of mystery and pristine beaches. The island exudes a sense of abandonment, its structures submerged under overgrowth. Yet, for those drawn to offbeat destinations devoid of tourist throngs, St. Mark Island offers a secluded heaven where one can relish the serenity of its breathtaking coastline.


Flower Island is a captivating marvel, functioning as both an island and a peninsula. Connected by a delicate stretch of land, it becomes submerged during high tide. Spanning 300 meters in length and 200 meters in width, this enchanting island is part of three islands that form a unique series in the Bay of Kotor, more precisely in the Bay of Tivat. Notably, it is home to the Serbian Orthodox Church of Archangel Mihailo.

In conclusion, Montenegro and Croatia stand as two remarkable destinations, each offering a tapestry of wonders waiting to be explored. Whether you seek history, culture, or natural splendor, Montenegro and Croatia promise an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Mediterranean.

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