The second edition of our brand new magazine “Mys goes green” is finally out!

The summer season is about to come and we are very excited to start it at its best with our renewed green soul.

Mys goes green magazine is part of a bigger project that puts sustanaibilitity at the heart of our behaviours, as we deeply believe we can all make a difference to preserve our planet and protect our seas. 

In this new edition of the magazine you will find some great insights on the latest sustainable trends, from photovoltaic panels to ultrasonic antifueling. We are going to explore an hidden gem in the Ligurian Sea, as well as some incredible stories from the sea.

Are you curious about getting to know one of the most ecofriendly super-yachts?

Download our e-magazine to find out the answer and step inside the green side of the yachting world!

Enjoy the reading!

mys go green magazine

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