The fifth edition of our editorial “Mys goes Green – the Magazine” is finally out!

What will you find in it?

The magazine opens with an exploration of the urgent need for change. The articles in the opening column “Why change“, make a focus on the impact of climate change and delves into the Global Compact, a network of companies committed to sustainable business practices to drive positive change and reduce their environmental footprint.

In the following sections “Nautica Green” and “New Habits” you will find some of the latest sustainable trends of the yachting industry, from eco fuels to bio-degradable fabrics and innovative materials used in the construction of sustainable boats, until unveiling the most eco-friendly cruise ship ever.

The section “Experiences & destinations” will take you on a virtual journey to Falsari’s Cave and Pellegrin’s Path, two captivating destinations that combine natural beauty and historical significance. You will also discover “La Pigna” the hidden gem of Sanremo, an historical neighbourhood rich in heritage and culture.

Our journey continues with the discovery of the ultra-sustainable Super Yacht concept Pangeos, a zero-emission terayacht shaped like a turtle! The section “Media & Events” highlights notable events and media coverage related to sustainablility in the marine industry. It includes an article on an incredible ocean trip “True Spirit”, based on a true story, and an exploration of the concept of “Blue Economy 3.0”. 

The magazine ends with a special interview for the last column of the editorial Story from the sea“. And last but not least, you will find a small surprise for you. Just visit us in Sanremo to collect your ecological gift for your green holidays!

Mys goes Green – the Magazine – is part of a bigger project that puts sustanaibilitity at the heart of our behaviours, as we deeply believe we can all make a difference to preserve our planet and protect our seas. 

Would you like to join the revolution? Download your free copy of the e-magazine and step inside the green side of the yachting world!

Enjoy the reading!

mys goes green magazine

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