As the years go by, we are realizing more and more that the way our global community consumes is affecting our lives and the wellbeing of our planet.

We want to be an active part in building a sustainable future and to contribute to the change we would like to see in this world.

We believe it is our responsibility to “Go Green”

“MYS Goes Green” is a new project through which we aim to do our part in the global effort to become more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible.

How are we going to do this?

We will start by changing our approach to business in order to contribute to the maintenance of an ecological balance and to help safeguard nature for current and future generations.

What concrete actions is MYS taking to “Go Green”?

“MYS goes Green” is the ethically oriented commitment of Med Yacht Services to participate in the social responsibility of protecting the environment.

Not only will MYS recommend the use of non-polluting products and technologies (such as natural cleaning supplies and detergents, non-plastic bottles, renewable construction materials, hybrid engines, zero emissions onboard systems etc.) but we will also get involved in first person.

The main project we have been working on so far, is the installation of a SeaBin in the Old Port of Sanremo.

This device is meant to act as a floating garbage bin that skims the surface of the water allowing the collection of plastics and other kinds of waste from the sea. The long-term goal is to donate a SeaBin to a new port each year.

Furthermore, we are going to try to reduce our environmental impact by providing our clients with eco-friendly merchandise presented in 100% organic cotton bags which will include:

  • boxed water in a completely recyclable gable top carton;
  • wooden USB flash drives containing our itinerary suggestions, replacing the previous paper version;
  • plastic-free solid shampoo and body wash;
  • local 0 km extra virgin olive oil and wines from Liguria, where many of our offices are based;
  • single-use hand sanitizing gel in a recyclable packaging; 

And more…

Last but not least, we’d like to help you get involved in this campaign by keeping you informed.

For this reason we have created a “NEWS” section on our website, where we will be sharing, together with our social media, all of the latest relevant news regarding sustainability in the yachting industry. 

We feel that with a small effort, we can make a difference.

We can preserve our planet and protect our seas.

We can do it together.


Do you want to do your part in building a better future?

Help us and make the right choice!