Dear Captains,

The Below you will find the compilation of the maritime charts showing the anchoring restrictions and the specific authorized areas in the South of France (French Riviera and Corsica) for the season as per the various local decrees.

We have tried to make it convenient for you by making this document interactive, with links to the official decrees and also links to shortened versions showing the maps and including a translation of the legends.

Anchorage in French waters is also subject to prior declaration and authorisation by the lighthouses for all boats >300 GT or >45m LOA. Our offices are available to advise, help you verify and coordinate your plans of navigation and anchoring.

In any case, please contact the lighthouse before anchoring.

Please note that you can also refer to “DONIA”, accessible through the following website and App:

“DONIA” is recognized by the French authorities (to acknowledge the presence of protected species and find spots where you are authorised to anchor or not in this regard.)

Please also find the link to the initial decree: “2016/155” consisting of a set of maps of the Mediterranean basin, acting as the main decree, modified by the whole set of decrees displayed on the below map.