The third edition of our editorial “Mys goes Green – the Magazine” is finally out!

This new issue comes with a fresh look and special contents specifically designed to inspire your holidaysWhat will you find in it?

The magazine opens with a big announcement about a project we have recently achieved after more than one year of hard work. We are thrilled about the positive impact it is already bringing to our city and we would like to tell you more, but we do not want to spoiler too much…

The articles in the first column make a focus on the health of our sea and explain the reason why changing is so important to us. In the following sections you will find some of the latest sustainable trends of the yachting industry, from electric engines to green fabrics, as well as new habits for an eco-friendly cruise.

For the section “experiences & destinations” we have selected for you 2 hidden gems of the Italian Riviera, the must-visit-places of this summer! Our journey continues with the discovery of 2 eco-friendly Super Yacht, some incredible stories from the sea and the latest media & events about sustainability. Last but not least, you will find the ultimate guide on how to travel in “green style”!

The end of the magazine will totally surprise you as we have introduced a fun game and an ecological gift for your holidays. Just visit us in Sanremo to collect your gift.

Mys goes Green – the Magazine – is part of a bigger project that puts sustanaibilitity at the heart of our behaviours, as we deeply believe we can all make a difference to preserve our planet and protect our seas. 

Would you like to join the revolution? Download your free copy of the e-magazine and step inside the green side of the yachting world!

Enjoy the reading!

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